Important Figures

How does someone turn into a pathetic excuse for life? simply browse my influences and maybe you'll understand. I'm not entirely sure

Sam Hyde

To me, there is nobody more influential to outsider comedy than Sam Hyde. It's off-beat, dry, and entirely confusing to normal people. I've been a fan of his since World Peace came out, and think just about everything hes made has been a work of art. World Peace, KickstarterTV, Fish Tank. He cannot miss when it comes to off the wall comedy.

His advice also rings a bell with me since i'm incapable of functioning in the real world. So hearing him discuss the seemingly overdone talking points doesn't cease to entertain me.


It shouldn't be too surprising that M00T has been one of my biggest influences. ffs he made one of the most revolutionary sites in internet culture 20 years ago (as of writing)

4chan as always been a site for off-topic discussions and pornography, and while im not happy with the direction the sites taken in the past decade. It still holds a special place in my heart for warping my personality towards the extreme. I may not fit in many social situations, but I never did in the first place.

Sassy and Opinionated

I discovered this guy back in 8th grade while dicking around in middle school. Middle school was the most unwelcoming time of my life, so finding some youtuber that discussed things that interested me was needed.

Randy Prozac

Bomb sandniggers   Corn syrup is your friend   hypersexualize underaged children normalize the abnormality   you are bipolar   they want to control you by remote   kill bill gates   Kill Klaus Schwab

Part artist, part schizo spreading the worlds truths. No single figure has provided more influence for SAPA than Randy. His brand of off-color humor mixed with an immence hatred towards humanity comes off with relatability unseen before. You got niggerbrains like Etika rest in shit "reacting" to randys knowledge like an ape. but to a truth seeker, his information comes off as relatable and normal. the voice for the unheard.

It's probably some dumb art project though, :(